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2015 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon June/July

Posted on: August 5, 2015

Growing and learning as I travel the state! Rodeos that is what I did all this for! I studied and wanted the title of Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon so I could ride my horse in rodeos. June I started at Eastern Oregon Livestock show with a parade where I rode behind Miss Rodeo Oregon- Julie and then we did run in’s for the grand entry. Then we loaded up and headed to Sisters Oregon. We had a lot of laughs on the road trip of over 7 hours, we played with Beary and got some great lifetime stories. We pulled in very late to Sara Marcus’s home, where she meet us and settled Music in. We got up early for a parade through downtown Sisters- what a pretty town. We hauled Miss Vancouver’s horse and Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon’s horses to the parade and back to the rodeo grounds. Got ready for Sister’s rodeo number one, with over 42 courts there was a lot of hair spray and smiles. I got to have JJ Harrison tighten my cinch and then run in time- I learned that Music can be naughty and I had after the rodeo give her some lesson time in the arena for a better second run in. After the first rodeo I went to the stands and signed autographs with other queens.   The night rodeo was much better, I loved the rodeo the stock was great and the crowd was super fun! I want to attend that one again. We got home very late Sunday night to eastern Oregon after we took in some shopping in the town of Sisters!

Came home only to have more stuff to do for my life at home, I had drill practice for the whole week as I was part of the Broncs and Bulls drill team and had to learn two drills one with flags and one without. June 20th was the rodeo, once done with that, I had to get my presentation for 4H spring fair Monday morning. With some down time and prep and load time we gave Music some pasture rest and then loaded up Thursday June 25th for Philomath for the Teen and Jr. Pageant meeting. After that we stayed with fellow MRO member and her family and then Friday we did some shopping and headed to the water park for some fun in the HOT SUN! After play time we again loaded up and headed to Tillamook for the rodeo with Queen Sarah as our hostess. Saturday began with meeting Miss teen Washington Makala Smith and getting to spend time with her as we rode to the parade and waited. I loved that the parade had a lot of queens I knew. I loved the floats! After the parade, we had a great luncheon, and got ready for rodeo #1 for Tillamook. I got to wear my pink chaps and pink outfit, it was great Arianna’s mom got some amazing photos of Music and I. We stayed at the rodeo grounds in our horse trailer with my brother, Jeffrey and mom. Music had a stall! The next day we had another rodeo and I wore red, white and blue chaps with my homemade blue jeweled shirt grandma Kathleen made me. I also got to push cattle with Sarah and Miss Philomath. I did some autograph signing with Sarah. I also got to help the kids get ready for the stick horse races, and then the queens including myself we got to have our own race, and I got second! Dang spurs hung me up! =) A highlight to the rodeo was getting to sign a little girls cowgirl hat! Maybe someday she will be a rodeo queen.

After Tillamook we stayed on the coast for some family time and then headed back to Portland area and stayed with some friends and let Music rest in the pasture. Bearing the HEAT…. Wednesday we went and watched the Mollalla rodeo so I could see how run ins go. Thursday I decided to try my luck with Music and attend the rodeo. I got to do run in’s and then helped push cattle. I had a partner for a while in Arianna Miss Yamhill county queen till her horse was naughty and so she left me, and the Dodge pick-up man came to help me, we had a great talk! Chief Joseph Days rodeo girls were at the rodeo it was fun to see my home town girls! Again Friday I went to Mollalla and did run ins there were more queens and again got to push cattle this time with Miss Wrangler and an Dodge Pick-up man, it was a lot of fun! I loved the clown half time act with his horse. Might have to dress up Miss Rodeo Universe someday. Music was feeling a bit off and so we loaded her up and headed to St Paul. Pulling in late but having Debbie there to settle us was nice. We had a great spot for Music in her pen next to the trailer. Mom, Jeffrey and I stayed in the trailer. Saturday was parade and there was A LOT of QUEENS! I got to ride with MRO Julie and MTRO Makenzie. Makenzie and I got a bit lost after the parade and well we got to do the route more than once! Then off to the luncheon and afternoon rodeo grand entry time. I loved the St Paul rodeo, and JJ Harrison he rocked the tree race around the arena. Warm up time and meeting people in the arena and being able to let them pet my horse is great. I got to show off my new red white and blue shirt for parade and first rodeo. For the parade I used the serape that Staheli donated to MRO after her year, and then once I heard she liked seeing that I decided to wear her red shinny shirt for the evening rodeo.

I was supposed to be in Vancouver Sunday for the rodeo but my ol horse Music had her own plans and she was still not feeling so well. We have gotten her home and had the farrier out and her chiro will be out before we head to Philomath for the pageant. So with this I sign off and say Thank you Miss Rodeo Oregon for the opportunity to experience this chance of a lifetime, I am gaining so many friends and so many life skills. I have put stories of laughter and lack of sleep that will never be forgotten. I finish this by counting how many rodeos I have left and feeling that most of the year is already gone and I am bit sad to thing to think I am over half through my year.

I wish the girl’s best of luck and to know that is truly the BEST SUMMER EVER!

Catch ya later partners!

Destiny Barney

Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon 2015