Miss Rodeo Oregon Sponsors

2022 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon and Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Pageant!

Our 2022 Junior Teen Pageant is being held in conjunction with the Tillamook County Rodeo!
The pageant will begin at 8 am on Friday, June 25 and will continue through Saturday, June 26 when the winners are announced during the evening rodeo.
Tanya Marie Utberg, Pageant Director, can be reached at (503) 807-7149 or emailed at tutberg@vervent.com or mrojrteenpageant@gmail.com.
Location for most activities: Tillamook County Fair Grounds Tillaskate skating rink
8 am Friday: Welcome, followed by Interviews and Written Test at 8:30
12 pm: Lunch at Hidden Acres Greenhouse Cafe with Mock TV Interviews
2:00 pm: Horsemanship Warmups
2:30 to 4:30 pm: Horsemanship (Tillamook Rodeo Arena)
7 pm: Rodeo Grand Entry (entry to the rodeo with ticket)
8:30 am Saturday: Parade judging begins
Sweetheart Pageant begins
1 pm: Queen's Luncheon @ the Tillamook County Fairgrounds Tillaskate ($10 donation which includes admittance to Speech, Modeling, and Question Event)
2 pm: Speeches and Modeling
5 pm: Contestant Group Interviews with Judges
7 pm: Rodeo Grand Entry; Coronation to be held during Rodeo (entry to the rodeo with ticket)
Following coronation: Pageant Reception where contestants will pick up their awards. Must be present to receive awards. Open to the public.