Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic

2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic!





Instructors Lexy Hibbs, Samantha Henricks, Kayla Vincent, Beth (Snider) Bahem

Rodeo Jeopardy!

Hippology rotation with Lexy and Sam

Horsemanship Chair Kayla Vincent

Arena instructor MRA Kennadee Riggs

The Queen's Boutique

The waffle bar on Sunday morning

The First Lady of Oregon Rodeo, Zoe Brooks

The Royal Table with MRA Kennadee Riggs

The Sweetheart Clinic with Destiny Wecks and Jean Hrabik

Michelle Murray provided custom feathers for all registrants including these special ones for the Sweethearts

It's our tradition to provide a Pendleton Woolen Mills gift to the clinic speaker

2022 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic!

2021 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic!





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