MRO Queen Clinic

2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic!


Registration process:

We are using Google Forms this year which is the very easiest process for everyone.  Be sure to check your spam folder!!

  1.  For the Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic, send an email to and request the registration form.  Please request as many as you need (parent, registrant, advisor) because each person requires a separate form.  Complete the form from the link and pay at the MRO store (button below).  You will receive a Welcome Letter giving you everything will need to know.
  2.  For the Miss Rodeo Sweetheart Clinic, send an email to and request the registration form.  Complete the form from the link.  Pay at the door.
  3.  To request a half-hour slot with Kennadee on Friday before clinic starts, send an email to  The deadline to apply is March 26 and you will be notified by April 1 if we can accommodate your request.  Pay at the door.




Location:  Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Madras, Oregon

Dry camping available at $12/night.  Jefferson County Fairgrounds RV Park is next to facility.  Group rate at Inn at Cross Keys Station in Madras.

Clinic Price $199 for Registrants; $100 Parents/Advisors; $100 former Miss Rodeo Oregon titleholders--Junior, Teen

State queens are given the opportunity to borrow horses from local ranchers (we will provide the names)

Flights are available directly into Redmond and we can suggest roommates at the Inn at Cross Keys Station

The clinic price includes six meals and four snacks which are catered by Class Act Catering of LaGrande, Oregon

All receive a manual; $199 Registrants also receive a clinic T-shirt.

The clinic runs from 4 pm Friday, April 7 to 4 pm Sunday, April 9.  Registrants should be prepared for a jam-packed schedule!

Questions?  Send an email to or send a DM.


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2022 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic!

Seven lucky girls drew for a chance to have dinner with MRA Hailey.

Kethry Nolan, Spirit Award winner and scholarship recipient.

2021 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Clinic Scrapbook!