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Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. produces a yearly spring clinic in Madras, Oregon.  The 2018 clinic featured Staci Trehern who was 2016 Miss Rodeo New Mexico and 2nd Runner-Up at Miss Rodeo America.  The 2019 clinic featured Keri Sheffield, 2017 Miss Rodeo Florida and 2018 Miss Rodeo America!

Some of the comments from attendees included the following:

"The level of instruction was tailored to our specific group’s needs. Pre-assessments were complete and all points addressed during presentation."

"Would definitely attend again and recommend."

"By having the Friday session it helped to develop a sense of community which allows the girls to feel comfortable and take risks as they learn."

"I’ve been to many professional development conferences and clinics. This is by far the best one I’ve attended. Well planned and excellent execution!"

"The meals and snacks were great. Best I have had at a clinic."

"I appreciate all of the support and kindness over the weekend! Awesome board."

"Thank you for making me feel welcome. They were amazing and answered all my questions. I did not feel like I was asking a dumb question with them."

"Exceptional! Detailed insight mixed with real life application. Not a single wasted moment."

"It was a lot, mostly because I have never been exposed to rodeo queening, but I learned so much more than I could ever imagine and I feel more prepared."

"The schedule kept everyone engaged but not exhausted. Love the facilities; Queen’s closet helped tremendously.  Parent Session answered so many questions. Hair and Makeup was very helpful. Clinician was friendly yet confident."

"The meals were amazing! It was completely beyond expectations."

"Very likely to personally come back and possibly bring an aspiring queen to attend."

2018 MRO Clinic with Staci Trehern

2019 MRO Clinic with Keri Sheffield